AstroLab Adds Alexandra Tse to its Mission Control Crew Roster

It is with infinite excitement that we announce the addition of filmmaker and up and coming DP Alex (Alexandra) Tse to the AstroLab team! She will play a key role in helping ensure you have a smooth and safe journey when you book your productions at The Lab.

Introducing the All-New Studio 2 at AstroLab Studios!

Good news, Toronto: there’s a new studio option in town and we think you’re going to like it! Our second official launch mission (“Astrollo 13”) was a massive success, and it is with great excitement that today we share details of the all-new Studio 2. In the week or so that it’s been operational, Earthlings […]

AstroLab Studios Prepares for Second Official Launch Mission

This is AstroLab Studios’ Mission Control Centre (AS – MCC) with an important update for the people of Planet Earth. Launch preparations (unofficially being dubbed “Astrollo 13”), are nearing completion, and we will be all systems go as of Friday, September 28, 2018. The mission, which was announced back in July, will see some big […]