A little before we officially launched AstroLab, the incredible minds from Kid. Studio came through and broke in the space with their shoot for Saya’s “Cold Fire” music video. We instantly hit it off with them, and have since been fortunate enough to host several of their productions, including shoots for Converse, VICE Media, and artists Majid Jordan and Big Sean.

Their latest project to come through The Lab was for HAVEN Shop’s release of the Nike x ACRONYM® Air Vapormax FK Moc 2. It’s a trippy, Tai Chi inspired feature that explores the concept of ‘how air moves us’. It’s a total mind fuck, and it’s beautiful. They utilized Studio 1 for this shoot, taking advantage of the retractable black curtain to help create their dark environment, and white cyc with space lights for their bright setup. They also hung a custom-built green screen window instalment from the grid. Check out the finished work and some BTS snaps below.


In collaboration with HAVEN havenshop.com/features/nike-x-acronym-haven-video-feature Directed and Produced by Kid. Cinematography by Ali Khurshid Art Direction & Styling by Alyssa Alikpala Photography by Paolo Azaraga Starring Tylor Jay Santos

Video by Kid. Studio

Photos by @adamweitner

We had a chance to catch up with Kid. producer and co-founder Vince Tran, and as always it led to some great insights:

Us: Describe Kid.’s style in three words or less.

Vince: A good bad idea.

Us: How do you see Kid. fitting into the fast changing content landscape over the next year or two?

Vince: As long as we continue to create content that we’re happy with internally, we’re good.  Having confidence in our own ideas instead of replicating others will be what sets us apart and hopefully align or push the boundaries of what’s happening in the next couple years.

Us: You are probably the most “chill” producer we’ve ever met. Always calm and collected. What’s your secret to keeping a level head during crazy times?

Vince: I appreciate that because you should see what’s going on in my head when shit hits the fan.  As a producer, I take pride in bringing the right energies together for a project and rightfully, that translates to maintaining it throughout the entire project.  In turn, the secret is to do whatever it takes even if it means sacrificing your sanity for a few hours or days.  

Us: Without mentioning names, what’s the craziest and/or funniest moment that’s ever happened on a Kid. set?

Vince: There are several but one that comes to mind is realizing that the best way to make jewelry look super icy on camera is to point several iPhone lights at it.  Pro tip 101.

Us: What gets you up at 6AM every morning, for the 8th day in a row, to do another Kid. Production?

Vince: Being aware that I get to do this with my friends or at all.  Although there’s always more to do, we’re grateful to have the ability to create things on this planet.

Us: Kid. Has brought several projects through The Lab. What keeps you coming back?

Vince: Aside from the spotless facilities, the entire team including yourself have shown us nothing but love and that goes a long way with us.  Astro caters to pretty much every production need unless you need to shoot a car.

Us: Any words of inspiration or advice for young creators looking to follow in your footsteps?

Vince: There’s always a way.

Want more inspiration from Kid.? Check out their Instagram to see their latest work.