What Is AstroLab Studios All About?

A Bit About Toronto's Newest Studio Team, and the Creators That Use It

The Vision:

To keep up and stand out in today’s content landscape you need to be nimble: able to seize opportunities in the moment. As a creator, time is never on your side. But lack of time doesn’t have to mean settling for half-assed production.
You should never have to say “okay” to work that’s just “OK.”

At AstroLab Studios we believe it should be easy to create polished, studio quality content that stands out. That’s why we’ve launched Toronto’s first on-demand studio. Studio space for rent that’s super easy to book, available by the hour, and with all-inclusive equipment packages that make it possible for you to have an idea in the morning and be shooting it in the afternoon.

We’re proud to offer creators of all kinds access to the space and gear they need: when, and for however long they need it.

Some Brands, Agencies, Companies and Artists That Create at The Lab:

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The Team

  • Adam Weitner
    Adam Weitner
    Adam Weitner

    Adam’s passion for content creation began with a pack of Jell-O and an iPhone 3: making and shooting the wiggly-jiggly dessert for the brand’s official Facebook page. Since then, he has changed in many ways, but one thing has been a constant: his love for visual storytelling. Through his work in content creation he saw that the content landscape was shifting fast, and a new kind of resource was needed to suit the demands on today’s creators. Enter AstroLab.

    When he’s not in the studio, you’ll find Adam exploring the world with his wife, at a good party pretending to know how to dance, or digging holes out on the golf course.

  • Jeff Hanley
    Studio Manager
    Jeff Hanley
    Jeff Hanley
    Studio Manager

    At age 7 Jeff found himself on stage and in front of the camera as talent for print ads and TV commercials. While he loved being in stories, his desire to tell them grew over time: eventually driving him to find a home behind the lens.

    Now a seasoned AD, Jeff has been working on a variety of content types, from narratives to music videos, since 2004. He obtained ‘Associate Member’ status with the CSC as a Cinematographer in 2009 and started directing shorts featured at Toronto After Dark in 2012 and 2014. He also worked part time as an Instructor at the Toronto Film School and has recently finished Producing and Directing a BravoFact short. Jeff is excited to put his experience to good use in a new setting – helping creators of all kinds get the results they want with ease.

    When Jeff’s not working in-studio, he’s getting his next project underway (i.e. when he’s not working, he’s working).

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