If you’ve worked with us, you know we’re keen on providing interstellar service, and are constantly looking to improve our processes. To that end, it is with great excitement that we announce the hire of Emily Carter for the position of Office Manager!

While she will be responsible for several mission objectives, her core focus will be on improving processes and ensuring clients are properly taken care of: from first point-of-contact, until wrap out.

Emily recently graduated from Broadcasting and TV Production, and is eager to learn more about the world of commercial, music video and creative content development. She will prove an asset for the team and clients alike!

We chatted with her to get the inside scoop on what makes her tick. Turns out she’s as adventurous as she is smart and organized:

She’s gone both bungee jumping and sky diving. We assume her next move will be space travel(?)

Her favourite place in the world is Portugal (mmm, custard tarts…)

If she were a Crayon, she’d be green. Cause nature is green, and nature is cool

Her fave family tradition is her super competitive Easter egg hunt that she beats her dad at each year

Her favourite film of all time is The Departed

If she were an animal, she’d be a grey squirrel. Why? It’s a long story…

Right now she’s working on a documentary that she’s apparently been working on “forever”. We’re sure it will be worth the wait

Please join us in welcoming Emily to the team!

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