New production studio caters to creative agencies and content creators looking to produce high quality audio and video at the speed of today’s evolving digital world.

TORONTO, Feb. 13, 2017 /CNW/ – AstroLab Studios, Toronto’s only on-demand production studio, is proud to announce its launch in the heart of the city’s studio district. The launch fills a significant gap in the Canadian production market. Content creation of all forms has evolved drastically over the past few years, and large, expensive, inflexible studio spaces haven’t kept up. This has resulted in commercials for Canada’s largest brands, vlog videos with millions of views and Academy Award-worthy independent films missing out on proper studio spaces due to sky-high rates and lack of accessibility.  AstroLab Studios is the first company that makes it easy to create polished, studio quality content with its flexible workspaces, all-inclusive equipment packages, hourly, short term and last minute bookings and readily available film equipment.

Having worked in creative agencies over the past decade, AstroLab Studios founder Adam Weitner was tired of searching for video production facilities that catered to his needs. “I was tired of having to say “okay” to work that’s just “OK.” Studio spaces were always booked up months in advance, and in our industry things move fast, client decisions are made quickly, and we needed to move on production immediately. But the type of studio facilities we were looking for simply didn’t exist in Toronto, and that’s when the light bulb went off.”

AstroLab Studio’s soundstages range from 300-2,789 square feet and have built-in cyc (infinity) walls. Among the full array of equipment, spaces and services include an edit bay, recording booth, meeting spaces, wardrobe, hair and make-up rooms, and client-friendly amenities like a kitchen and lounge. Gear packages waiting for you on arrival can include anything from green screens to lenses, mics and lighting.

“Whether we’re shooting a commercial, a video for social or any of the vast array of content we produce as a creative agency, we have to be responsive and nimble for our clients,” said Zak Usher, Associate Director Social, Tribal Worldwide. “AstroLab Studios fills a need for studio space that can be booked on timelines that make sure we can always meet our deadlines and changing budget realities while delivering high quality content. Adam and his team have experience either working at or with creative agencies, so they’ve ensured that the space is client-friendly, and have a wide variety of gear on-site and extensive relationships with production vendors should we want to secure something special.”

“Unique businesses like AstroLab Studios are making high-quality production space more accessible,” said Michele Alosinac, Film Sector Development Officer, Film & Entertainment Industries, City of Toronto. “Toronto’s booming production industry includes content creation that moves at the speed of today’s business, and this innovative new studio concept helps meet a growing need in our city.”

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