The Aputure 1200d: New In-House Gear at The Lab

ASTROLAB STUDIOS TORONTO A SOUNDPROOF FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO IN-HOUSE GEARAT THE LAB CHECK OUT OUR LATEST EQ! JUST ADDED TO OUR PACKAGE: THE APUTURE LS 1200d PRO! The Aputure LS 1200d Pro is now available at AstroLab Studios Toronto, and it comes included in our All-Inclusive gear buyout at no extra cost! That means […]

Recent Launches | Winter 2024

Showcasing projects shot entirely on our new 3,800 SF Toronto Soundstage, check out some Recent Launches from The Lab Featuring work from talents like Nick Merzetti and Norman Wong and brands like Lay’s and Neutrogena.

Recent Launches From The Lab — Fall 2023

Between renovations to convert Studio 1 and Studio 2 into one bigger 3,800 SF Soundstage and hosting some amazing projects, it’s been a crazy past few months. We know it’s been tough for many creators out there so we’re infinitely grateful to still have the opportunity to work with some out-of-this-world talents. 

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