Recent Launches From The Lab – May 2022

2022 got off to a rocky start, but then it went gangbusters and it’s been a bit of a show ever since! Here’s a look at just a tiny sample of some recent projects that have shot at The Lab! Let’s go! 🧑‍🚀🚀🔥

Recent Launches From The Lab – January 2021

Despite the adversity we’ve faced as a species these past 10 or so months, our industry continues to flourish, and is a shining example of how to safely operate during a pandemic. Here’s proof.

AstroLab Adds Alexandra Tse to its Mission Control Crew Roster

It is with infinite excitement that we announce the addition of filmmaker and up and coming DP Alex (Alexandra) Tse to the AstroLab team! She will play a key role in helping ensure you have a smooth and safe journey when you book your productions at The Lab.