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Normally, AstroLab hosts astronauts, aliens or other space creatures, but once in a while, a larger-than-life human walks through the doors. Let’s take a look back at the super-powered folk we’ve been lucky enough to host in the studios here at The Lab! 🚀


DC & Warner Brothers | Starring Zachary Levi

Did you know the promotional materials for DC’s Shazam! (2019) were captured at The Lab? The stills were used to create the film’s official poster and were featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s July 2018 edition. 

Starring Zachary Levi in his super-suit, this playful shoot showcased tons of cool props that mimic the humorous-vibes of Shazam!

You can Shazam! to the movie theatre in early 2023 to watch the film’s sequel 🔥 

Jason Momoa (aka Aquaman)

DC & Warner Brothers | Starred in Aquaman | Very Tall Guy

In April 2022, Jason Momoa splashed into The Lab to film a secret project—but he’s no stranger to Toronto. 

Having spent previous years shooting Apple TV+ original See, Momoa’s basically a Torontonian. 

Keep your eyes on our Instagram to be the first to know if this project is publicly released.

Simu Liu (aka Shang-Chi)

Marvel | Starred in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Back-flips, explosions and moonwalking! Those are just some of the super activities we found Shang-Chi himself Simu Liu performing when he visited The Lab in spring 2022. 

Simu, you’re welcome back any time and feel free to bring your super-suit!

The Boys

Amazon Prime Videos | Television Series

Based on a comic book of the same name, The Boys is one of Amazon’s most popular TV shows. We’ve been fortunate enough to host them for many of their production’s needs, including Gallery Stills shoots, Mini-Series Content, Scene Content, and even a music video!

Check out these stills of “the supes and their auras” captured for season 3 of The Boys.

Season 4 of The Boys is currently filming around Toronto. We hope to see the cast of The Boys flying into AstroLab soon!

Captain Obvious | Commercial

Captain Marvel’s got nothin’ on Captain Obvious! Until April 2022, “Captian Obvious” was’s beloved mascot.

To some, Captain Obvious may be more like a pirate than a superhero, but having “captain” in his name counts for something, right?

Whether or not he was a superhero for saving travellers money, or simply a man that liked to dress up in costume remains up for debate. 

Which superheroes will land at AstroLab Studios next?

Canada’s Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk?

Or maybe the GTA’s very own Imani Vellani as Ms. Marvel?!

The sky’s the limit at AstroLab 🚀