Astrolab Studios Releases "The Stu Sessions" an Original Digital Series Featuring Stu Stone (MTV’s Blowin’ Up)

Toronto, ON – March 2, 2022 – AstroLab Studios Inc. announced today its first original digital series: THE STU SESSIONS, featuring multi-hyphenate filmmaker and entertainer Stu Stone (Blowin’ Up, Donnie Darko, The Magic School Bus). The six-part, semi-reality docuseries will be available on YouTube beginning Thursday, March 10. It was created and executive produced by Jeffrey Hanley (Fruitfly), Stone, Adam Weitner (EP, Faking a Murderer) and Cody Marcotte (Fruitfly) and is directed by Hanley.

Filmed over the course of several months in 2019, THE STU SESSIONS documents the interaction between former rapper and child actor Stu Stone and his friend, AstroLab founder Adam Weitner, as Weitner mounts a rap comeback for Stone while working on a marketing strategy for the studio. With the comedic spirit of The Office and This is Spinal Tap, Stone reluctantly—and at times unwittingly—participates in his own music revival thanks to Weitner’s determination and energy, recapturing his passion for music along the way.

Stone is best known for his work in film and television, though his passion for music and comedy landed him an unexpected role in the spotlight as a rap artist alongside Jamie Kennedy in MTV’s Blowin’ Up (2006) with songs like Rollin’ with Saget (a tribute to the late Bob Saget), and the hit single Circle Circle Dot Dot

“Working with Jeff and Adam on this was a real treat and throwback for me,” says Stone. “Not only to my music past, but to be making something with friends for the love of creating something we can be proud of, and without the motivation of fame and fortune. I hope people see the genuine love put into it when they watch, because having fun is the whole reason we got into this to begin with. And we definitely had a lot of fun. I hope we shoot more episodes!”

“I’ve worked with Stu on three of his horror movies, and I can confidently say that he makes for an interesting character study, or at the very least an entertaining one,” says director Jeffrey Hanley, who also edited the series. 

“As the voice of beloved animated characters, appearances in cult movies, and now writing and directing his own feature films, it was an honour to work with him in this capacity. Having worked so closely with Stu and Adam, I could find conflict and humour in their respective pursuits, which I think gives this story a ton of heart. I think audiences will really enjoy THE STU SESSIONS.”

“When I established AstroLab my intention was to provide a hub for creators to realize their visions and collaborate with their friends,” said AstroLab founder and series co-creator Adam Weitner. “I had told Jeff that I was going to push Stu to get back into rapping and that we should document it, and he ran with the idea, turning it into a show. It was the perfect fit for AstroLab’s first original web based series, as it really captures the spirit of the studio and the drive of the creatives we work with.”

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