Strobe Heads & Packs, Modifiers & More:

Now at The Lab!

Exciting news for stills shoots! We now have a robust kit of Profoto heads, packs and modifiers, as well as the coveted Broncolor Para 222 (both for stills and also works as an HMI!), in-house and available to rent anytime!

Our stills EQ never leaves the studios, so it’s always here and available for you the same way our motion gear always has been. Here is a brief list of highlights:

  • Profoto ProHead Plus Heads
  • Profoto Pro8a 2400ws Packs
  • Broncolor Para 222 and Para 88 Kits, both with HMI16000/800 Kit Available
  • Almost the complete range of Profoto Modifiers for standard and OCF, with grids and accessories
  • 9′ Tall Cambo Studio Stand
  • Manfrotto Mega Boom