When our good friend Tim Donnelly from Iota Creative told us he wanted to shoot a Ford Truck spot in Studio 3, we thought he had officially lost it. For those who don’t know, Studio 3 is a 300 square foot (20’x15′) room. Great for tabletop, photography and talking head interviews: But a truck spot? Hmmm.

Of course, Tim had a creative solution to the challenge of shooting a truck in a space that could never actually have a truck in it.

And the result is truly brilliant! While this was shot last year, it is still, by far, the coolest thing we’ve seen produced in Studio 3. Check out some BTS below to see how it was done, along with the final product!

The team:

What they used:

Here’s a look behind-the-scenes:

Iota Creative – #behindthescenes with Bob Gundu Jon Hutton…

behindthescenes with Bob Gundu Jon Hutton Nachiketa Amin Tim Donnelly AstroLab Studios Inc. Iota Creative

And, the finished product:

Ford Canada – There is a right way and a wrong way to tow….

There is a right way and a wrong way to tow. Check out this short video about the basics of towing correctly and safely. For more specific details please…

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