RGB Lighting Now Available at AstroLab Studios!

For a brand that prides itself on being futuristic, and a big supporter of innovation and exploration, it is slightly embarassing to admit that we only just got RGB lighting at AstroLab. 

Ah well, we aren’t the type to dwell on the past and as of this moment, right now, we are excited to announce that we can finally offer RGB lighting in-house, including SkyPanels and Kino Freestyle 31s. More to come, too. 

We have revised our packages to reflect this new offering, check them out below!


For those unfamiliar, RGB lights enable you to get just about any colour out of a single light source. This includes gels, and even effects like fire or police siren lights. They are incredibly versatile, and almost too easy to work with. 

They are soft, yet punchy and applicable in any number of scenarios. They are the future for our industry, and slowly but surely we will be replacing all of our tungsten fixtures with LED (as the tech gets advanced enough to do so). 

Check out this video to see them in action (shoutout Jonny Micay for making this for us!)