Recent Launches from
The Lab | December 2019

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To celebrate the creativity and diversity of our clients and the work that’s produced here at our Toronto Film & Photo Studios, we do a monthly roundup that highlights some of the great projects that have recently taken off from The Lab.

Here is our roundup for the month of December! Projects are in no specific order.

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"Season 4" Announcement || SOCIAL || WEB

Toronto is fortunate to be the home of several successful series currently being broadcast and streamed around the world. Top among them is Catherine Reitman’s “Workin’ Moms.” It is a hilarious look at modern, urban motherhood and it clearly resonates with a lot of people. 

Since their second season, we have had the honour of hosting them for several shoots, including props photography and even a scene that was shot in our bathroom (that we cannot wait to see)!

The work seen here is from their S4 Gallery Shoot. This is all we’ve seen so far, but if it’s any indication, the promo for this season is going to be pretty freaking epic!


"Can't Pass It On" Campaign || SOCIAL || WEB

Working with CATIE Canada to share an important message, the Corbin Visual team shot a series of interviews and still portraits in our Studio. 

Their set consists of a blue backdrop, a table and two chairs. Simple, yet very effective, and when it’s lit well, it looks gorgeous, as we’re sure you’ll agree. 

Fun note about the orange chairs they used – these are from our lounge area, and have been incredibly popular, appearing in all kinds of content, including an interview with Col. Chris Hadfield and a Wiz Khalifa music video


“PA Program Launch”

POV 3rd Street is an organization that helps marginalized youth break into the media industry through training, mentorship, job placement and professional development opportunities.

We’ve been big supporters of theirs since we first launched AstroLab, sponsoring with access to our facilities and gear, and providing hands-on training and mentorship. 

Last month we had the honour of hosting not only POV, but also Cee Toronto, XoTO, Ontario DGC, United Way GTA and Mayor John Tory (along with every media outlet in the city) for the announcement of an all-new program aimed at training more Production Assistants and finding young people opportunities to break into the industry as PAs. 

It was an exciting day here at The Lab!

Check it out on Global News Toronto, here and below.


Awards Gala Content || LIVE EVENT || SOCIAL

The Creators Bureau recently tagged up with Women of Influence to create not one, not two, but 19(!) pieces of video content in support of their annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards

The result is a series of uber-inspiring and visually stunning videos that profile these incredible women, and remind us what it means to make sacrifices while following through with your dreams and doing something you’re passionate about. 

The entire scene was lit using our in-house gear, and the gorgeous star effect was created using nothing more than two pieces of black foam core and a pair of scissors (to poke the holes). Very crafty!

Below you can see two of said 19 videos, as well as a couple BTS pics and a surprise BTS video!

In addition to the many videos the created for the awards ceremony, they somehow had time to create a behind-the-scenes video, too. Crazy! 

We absolutely love it, thank you Creators Bureau and Women of Influence


"Weebill-S Launch" || SOCIAL || WEB

Zhiyun Tech is synonymous with “gimbal”, and we love a good gimbal shot as much as the next earthling, so we were pretty excited to have them at The Lab!

They took a series of product beauty shots – both still and motion – of their new Weebill-S Gimbal to support its launch. 

Using our in-house grip and lighting they were able to completely black out the studio (using 20×20 and 12×12 solids) to accomplish this look.

We totally want one of these!


"I Love Christmas" || MUSIC VIDEO

If you love Christmas you’re going to love this one: an all-new Christmas song by Canadian artist Cassandra!

She worked with DaVinci Cinema Productions to create a vast array of scenes for her music video in support of her new release “I Love Christmas”, all of which were shot in Studio. Their resourcefulness and how they were able to maximize that rather small space is applaudable. 

We’re huge fans of their set design, particularly the retro vibes felt throughout. Congrats Cassandra and team!