Your safety, and the safety of your teams and clients, is the most important thing to us at AstroLab Studios. When you enter our facility, you should feel confident that you are not at risk. To help ensure this is the case, the following guidelines have been created. They will continue to be updated to meet current government and industry recommendations, as well as to take into account your suggestions.

At the bottom of this page you’ll also find links to guidelines and other helpful resources. 

If there is anything you would like to see implemented on our end to further increase your confidence in our space and service, please do let us know.

With your help in adhering to these guidelines, we can continue to offer a safe space for production and creativity to flourish, while stopping the spread of COVID-19.


Vaccination "Passports"/Proof of Vaccination

Please note that the new Ontario Government regulation (“ONTARIO REGULATION 645/21“), with respect to Proof of Vaccination, does NOT impact our facilities, unless you intend to have a live studio audience. In the case of live studio audiences, Proof of Vaccination will be required. Otherwise, Section 21’s Guidelines for Productions remain in effect as before, and all productions must adhere to these guidelines. 

AstroLab believes in the data that supports vaccines, and encourages all clients, guests and users of its facilities to get fully vaccinated for their own protection, as well as those around them. 

In addition, AstroLab has mandated that all of its internal staff be fully vaccinated. All current staff are vaccinated, and any new hires will be required to be as well. 


1: Only One Production in The Space at a Time

To meet the new physical distancing guidelines, and ensure each client has the space they need to be able to spread out their teams and stay within said guidelines, we will no longer be booking multiple productions on the same day.

When you book with AstroLab Studios, you will be the only production in the building and will have complete control over head count. Outside of your teams and clients, and those you approve to be in the space, only our staff will be permitted on site while you’re with us.

How does this impact bookings?

To provide this level of control without completely killing our business, we have decided to allow productions to start their booking with Studio 1 only. If more space is required, Studio 2 and its amenities can be added, however this is not a requirement. If Studio 2 is not added to your booking, it will remain empty. 

If you book Studio 1 only, you will have exclusive use of all areas marked blue, and if you book both studios you will have all areas marked blue and orange on this map.

The space is designed to be malleable, and how you use each room/studio is entirely up to your production. For example, if you wish to use the second studio as a lunchroom, or video village, or art space, etc. etc. – it is your space to use how you wish).

To see rates for Studio 1, click here

To see rates for booking both studios, click here

2: New Maximum Capacities

To ensure you will have plenty of space to keep your team physically distant, we now have a majorly (even further) reduced max capacity in our studios. 

Studio 1 has a max cap of 25 people. Productions any larger must book both studios.

Our entire facility/both studios has a max cap of 40 people. 

3: Restricted Hours

While in the past we have allowed productions to load in and out at any time, 24 hours a day, we will now have some restrictions on this.

  • Load-ins will be able to start from 6AM (or later),
  • And all productions must be completely loaded out by 10PM or earlier on their wrap day

This time will be needed for our cleaning staff to properly sanitize the entire facility, and all rental gear, as well as allow the air to clear before the next production loads in.

If there is not another production booked in the following day, we may offer some flexibility for your load out time, but this will be on a case-by-case basis.  

These hours do not apply to multiple day productions, and will only impact your load-in and load-out days. In other words, if you’re with us for multiple days, you may wrap later than 10PM when your production returns the following day.

3: Doors to Remain Locked at All Times

To ensure that access is restricted to ONLY those whom your production has authorized to be on site, the doors must remain locked at all times. Someone from your production will need to stay at the door to let team members and clients in as needed. The door may not be propped open, left unlocked or open unattended at any time.

AstroLab Staff will be the only others allowed into the building, and will remain in one of the staff delegated areas at all times, except for when providing you or your production with service.


1: Sanitization Spray Provided for Your Production

Each production will receive a 1L bottle of 80% ethanol spray and adequate paper towels when loading in, which can be used throughout your stay to keep high-touch surfaces and equipment sanitized, as needed. If you require more spray while you’re with us, just let someone from our team know and we will provide you with a fresh bottle.

2: Nightly Cleaning and Sanitization of the Entire Space and Used Gear

We have increased cleaning staff and their responsibilities to ensure the entire space and any equipment that is used is properly sanitized each night, and deeply cleaned between productions.

3: AstroLab Staff Wearing Face Coverings and Gloves

Our staff will, at all times, wear protective equipment. We will not impose this same rule on your production, however due to the close proximity that your teams may end up in, it is strongly encouraged.

4: No Outside Visitors, Tours or Scouting While You’re With Us

As outlined above, you will have exclusive use of the entire space when you book AstroLab. Beyond our staff (which will always be kept to minimal numbers), no one else will be permitted to enter the space. That means no tours or drop-ins. We will schedule those when the space is empty.


1: Follow Industry & Government Approved Guidelines

Depending on the type of production, you must adhere to the relevant guidelines that have been approved by the relevant union, industry association, or Ontario Ministry of Labour (e.g. CPAT, Section 21, etc.)

Your production must adhere to these guidelines at all times.

We will not police your production or enforce guidelines, but have an expectation that your production will follow them – for the safety of your own teams and clients, as well as our staff.

Please note that as of July 7, 2020, The City of Toronto now requires non-medical masks or face coverings to be worn indoors. This includes our space, so please ensure you and your teams are covered upon entering the space. To learn more about the relevant City Bylaw, please see here

2: Provide Hand Sanitizer, Masks, Gloves and Protective Gear for your Teams and Clients, As Needed

All required PPE for your teams and clients, and additional sanitization options such as hand sanitizer, must be provided by your production. AstroLab will not provide hand sanitizer, masks or protective equipment for productions.

As outlined above, AstroLab will provide you with 80% Ethanol Spray which will be for use on high touch surfaces and equipment.

3: AstroLab Must Be Included on Your Insurance Policy

In the past we have been very lax about insurance requirements. Moving forward, AstroLab MUST be listed as an additional insured on your policy, with a minimum of $1 Million in Liability.

We will require a valid COI on file prior to your production loading in.


Set Scouter has teamed up with film and health industry experts to create “Safe Sets International,” which provides free training for all who are returning to set. Dubbed “Practice Safe Sets”, the course can be taken here.

Safe Sets International is also compiling guidelines and other resources from around the world, which can be found here.


These guidelines will continue to be updated as the situation develops, and if you would like to see anything added, please let us know, either in person, or:

By email at

By phone at 647-478-6423

Spread The Word (Not Germs)!