Recent Launches From The Lab — Fall 2023

Between renovations to convert Studio 1 and Studio 2 into one bigger 3,800 SF Soundstage and hosting some amazing projects, it’s been a crazy past few months. We know it’s been tough for many creators out there so we’re infinitely grateful to still have the opportunity to work with some out-of-this-world talents. 

Let’s show them some love!

Two Studios Become One

Big news: We’ve knocked out the wall between Studio 1 and Studio 2 to create one bigger and better 3,800 SF soundstage. Yup, that means we have an even larger canvas ready for you to create.

Recent Launches From The Lab — December 2022

We’re back with another edition of Recent Launches From The Lab! We got goats, music, celebs, drums, & more, what else could we ask for? Take a look at the latest out of The Lab, courtesy of these out-of-this-world creators.🛸❤️🚀👏