Have you ever wanted to be a bald eagle? If so, you share at least one thing in common with the newest member of the AstroFam, Harrison Bond. Read on for more interesting Harrison facts…

Harrison has been shooting since he was 14, and he knows a lot about capturing movement, given that his first shoots were all skateboard videos. No track. No dollies. Just a handycam and skateboard were all this young shooter needed.

Now a graduate of Niagara College’s Film and TV Broadcasting program, he’s stepping up and making a name for himself. Most recently he’s been working on music videos, commercials, and has even written and directed his own short, which won the 2017 Niagara College FRAT (Film, Radio, Acting and Television) Awards for Best Short Film!

We sat down with Harrison on his first day, and learned some interesting facts about him:

And of course, he loves filmmaking!

As we enter our second year in business, we’re growing at a rate we can barely keep up with. That’s why we’re over the moon excited to welcome a talented young filmmaker like Harrison the team.

Here at AstroLab, he’ll be supporting our clients with their productions and ensuring they have a smooth stay with us, editing and colouring projects in-house, and helping us grow our social media presence (among other things, no doubt). We are so lucky to have him.

Welcome to the team, Harrison!