Grip & Lighting Package

  • Space lighting: 5x Chroma-Q Space Force LED, pre-hung in grid (comparable to a traditional 6kW tungsten fixture)
  • Floor lighting: 1x 5k Fresnel, 1x 2k Fresnel, 1x 2k soft, 1x 4′ 4Bank Kino (includes daylight and tungsten bulbs)
  • Lighting control: 1x 6×6 frame w/fabrics, 4×4 kit (includes x2 floppy, x2 4×4 gel frame, silk, double scrim, single scrim), large flag kit
  • Grip: x2 skyhighs, x12 C-stands, x20 sandbags, 1x monitor cart, Apple Boxes (x2 full, x2 half, x2 quarter). All extension cords, safety chains & clamps automatically included!
  • Pricing: $450/12 hour day, overtime at $45/hour
  • Minimum full day booking in Studio 1

Space Light Package

  • 5x Chroma-Q Space Force LED Space Lights (comparable to a traditional 6kW tungsten fixture)
  • Pre-hung in grid to provide soft, even lighting for the cyc wall (can be repositioned)
  • Pricing: $250/12 hour day, overtime at $25/hour
  • Minimum full day booking in Studio 1

Chroma Q Specs/Features

  • Up to 26,700 lumens, Variable white – 2,800K to 6,500K. Only 8kg / 17.6lbs, no fans, no noise. Smooth, soft uniform beam, variable PWM flicker-free operation. Multiple hanging options. Wireless DMX / RDM.

The above packages have been designed specifically for Studio 1. See our packages for Studio 2 and Studio 3.

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