Good news, Toronto: there’s a new studio option in town and we think you’re going to like it!

Our second official launch mission (Astrollo 13) was a massive success, and it is with great excitement that today we share details of the all-new Studio 2. In the week or so that it’s been operational, Earthlings have already been populating it in great numbers, creating all kinds of intelligent life-form worthy content: from product stills, to stop motion, to music video to client testimonials.

In addition to completely overhauling Studio 2, The Mission also saw the addition of an insane amount of acoustic treatments in both studios, and we’re “hearing” from our clients that the sound is really (really) freaking good. If you need clean audio, we think you’ll be pressed to find a better location than ours. We’ll take the Pepsi Challenge on that one any time.

While the mission was a success by all measures, we still have some minor work to complete, including the addition of a kitchen that is dedicated to servicing Studio 2. That should be complete sometime in November, once we’ve been able to install plumbing in that section of the building.

Without further ado, here are all the details on the new Studio 2! If you’d like to see it in person our doors are always open. Hit us up to book a tour now.

The All-New Studio 2 | 1,800 Sq. Ft

The new studio features a really cool (if we do say so ourselves) U-shaped cyc wall, 17’ clear heights, and plenty of room for camera movement and toys. The cyc, which is lit by three of our bad-ass Chroma-Q Space Force Bi-Colour LED space lights, is 25’ x 29’ x 25’, and the overall room dimensions are 40’ x 29’ (1,160 Sq. Ft). A dedicated 200amp 3-phase service ensures there’s nothing you can’t power in there.

In addition to the space inside the studio, clients have dedicated access to a lounge area (this is where the new kitchen will be built), which includes a 32” SONY Smart TV for client monitoring. This area is located right outside the studio and is super convenient for clients to stay involved in the production, while keeping comfortable. There is also a single makeup station (more HMU space can be made available as needed) and a dedicated wardrobe room. We will update you with photos as the client space is transformed further.

Anyway, enough talking (or, erm, writing) – let’s get to the pictures! First off, as a refresher on what Studio 2 used to look like, here is a clean before shot:

And a shot of it with a shoot:

Part of Barbie's "You Can Be Anything" Campaign

So tiny: what a wee baby it was! Pretty impressive what you and other clients did with it, no less (how they managed to fit this set in there is still a mystery)…

And now, the all-new and astronomically more useful Studio 2!! Here it is empty:

And with a shoot:

Space for days. Now it’s ready for some proper sets, crazy motion control rigs, and whatever else your imagination can come up with.


OK, so now you love it, you’re totally sold (right?), but what’s it going to cost you? We’ve decided that we’ll be keeping the price of Studio 2 the same as before for the remainder of 2018. All this awesomeness, for only $800/day or $100/hour (min. of three hours). True story.

Studio 2 has already been really busy with productions since we re-opened it and is solidly booking up through October. We do have some spots left in October, and plenty of avails from mid-November onward. Shoot us a note if you’d like to come for a tour or are interested in looking at availability of this fine new studio (you can also call any time at 647-478-6423).

Thank you as always for your love and support, and we can’t wait to have you back at The Lab!